The Negotiation Fieldbook

"We negotiate every day--in school, in business, in politics, in everything we do. Every time I want to influence someone or deal with someone who wants to influence me, I am negotiating. For that world, this is perhaps the most useful book you will ever find." Roger Fisher, bestselling coauthor of Getting to Yes

The Negotiation Fieldbook goes beyond empty theory to provide you with a step-by-step, what-to-say-and-do blueprint for skillfully taking each negotiation from engagement to agreement. Written by one of today's most globally respected negotiation experts, it will:

  • Give you the knowledge and insights you need to overcome previous animosities
  • Turn confrontation into collaboration
  • Make each negotiation one that will leave each party as satisfied as possible

The Negotiation Fieldbook provides proven practices and tools for making each negotiation successful - from office to home and everything in between.


  • Analysis of different negotiation styles and situations
  • The fundamentals of ethical negotiating
  • Important breakthroughs in negotiation psychology
  • Conducting negotiations on behalf of others

Grande Lum is the founder of Accordence, a leading negotiation consultancy and training provider. He is also a cofounder and former principal of ThoughtBridge.

Praise for The Negotiation Fieldbook:

"Experience and expertise shine through in this powerful book."
- Deborah D. McWhinney, President, Schwab Institutional

"A simple and effective process for achieving win-win outcomes in any negotiation."
- Sam Reese, CEO, Miller Heiman

"The workbook approach and real life examples used in this guide are excellent tools to support the theories and can really help you successfully practice what actually goes on in a negotiation."
- Catherine L. Farrell, Ph.D., Director of Global Operations, Amgen, Inc.

"An extremely useful how-to guide to collaborative negotiation for business managers, professionals, or anyone who wishes to improve their negotiation skills to achieve successful outcomes."
- Jonathan D. Greenberg, Director, International Graduate Studies, Stanford Law School


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