Communication Services

In order to meet all of your communication needs, Accordence provides services such as:


Accordence helps teams and organizations with their challenges by developing strategic plans and initiatives to achieve the best outcomes for large scale, inter-departmental or team communication initiatives. Sessions can be one-time in preparation for a current situation, or ongoing throughout a longer process.

Accordence will help you provide support, ideas, and practice as you develop communication protocols and processes. We can assist you in gaining the best possible outcomes, improving critical business relationships, and ensuring long-term results.

Our Communication Consulting Services for teams, departments, and organizations include:

  • Developing best practices and processes for interdepartmental difficulty with conversations
  • Resolving organizational or team conflicts
  • Providing holistic managerial support by developing feedback systems
  • Preparation for and facilitation of internal conversations
  • Preparation for and facilitation of external situations with suppliers, customers, partners, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Mediation of complex disputes

Contact us today for more information on our communication consulting services and how we can help you achieve negotiation success.


To reinforce the use of the Accordence communication framework and tools, we have two tracks for coaching: individual communication coaching and communication coaching skills for leaders at a Communication Coaching Clinic.

As an individual, we can support you by providing coaching and feedback in one-on-one sessions on your own communication preparation, strategies and skill execution. These can be held by phone, virtually, or in-person and can range in length from one to two hours. They might be several sessions over a few months or a single session to review and build a specific strategy.

Managers, supervisors and leaders of past participants of our programs can attend a Communication Coaching Clinic to learn how to reinforce the communication best practices with their direct reports in the most effective manner. During the session, the Accordence consultant will work closely with the leaders to prepare strategies for how to support their direct report’s communication practices. Participants will receive input and feedback on how to facilitate their employee’s successful preparation and execution for an upcoming communication effort.  A Communication Coaching Clinic supports immediate embedding of communication best practices in the organization while building confidence, strengthening relationships and inspiring creativity in attendees.


Accordence consultants work to resolve conflict through mediating complex business disputes and opportunities within and between corporations, government agencies, and corporate and community leaders. We design effective conflict resolution processes, equip our clients with skills and tools for effective collaboration, and share state of the art theories.

Outcomes we achieve for our clients include:

  • Resolutions that satisfy the key interests of all parties
  • Improved working relationships
  • Capacity built for managing future conflicts
  • Clear implementation plans, including a buy-in process for key constituencies

When our clients present us with deadlocks and impasses, there are usually only two options on the table: “Mine vs. Yours.” Our mission is to create more choices through the use of interest-based mediation and facilitation. We experience consistent success in crafting efficient, creative solutions that satisfy the interests of all parties, even when our clients believe resolution is impossible.  

Our role varies to match our clients' needs.  We may serve in the capacity of:

  • Neutral facilitators and/or
  • Advisors/coaches to all parties or
  • Partisan advisors

Some parties with complex disputes require a neutral facilitator throughout the process. Other parties engage us to design the process, coach the parties, and trouble-shoot between sessions while the client conducts the mediation themselves.  

In cases where one party is interested in a collaborative approach, while the other has yet to be convinced, our clients have found that using Accordence as an advisor to their team alone produces appreciably better results.

Regardless of the role in which you engage us, we develop a joint solution that is best for all parties given the alternatives. Each party retains the authority to say “yes” or “no” to any Accordence developed proposal, and each party is able to terminate the mediation and facilitation if it feels the process is not meeting its needs.

Accordence utilizes a six stage process in each mediation and facilitation session:

  1. Pre-entry
  2. Diagnostic overview
  3. Analyses and design
  4. Mediation/facilitation
  5. Implementation
  6. Assessments and follow-up

Contact us for more details on each stage of our mediation and facilitation process and to find out how we can help mediate conflicts in your organization.


To inspire groups to communicate more effectively, Accordence will provide key note speakers for short presentations (30-90 minutes) at corporate annual meetings or local, regional or national conferences. A variety of topics and dynamics are possible including a customized presentation to fit your specific message.

Examples of presentations include:

  • Successful Communication: Having the Outcomes You Want in Your Conversations
  • It's Me, Not You: Creating Accountability in Communication
  • Effective Feedback for Managers
  • Get Off the Escalator: Resolving Conflicts Effectively

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