Effective Feedback

Giving constructive and corrective feedback is one of the most challenging aspects of any manager’s job.  Many managers are uncomfortable delivering feedback, and either sugar coat or avoid the hard issues.  In addition, affirming feedback is essential for encouraging employees to continue positive performance behaviors. This course provides a framework for giving effective feedback, shares best practices for when to give both types of feedback, and also teaches you how to construct solid working agreements and manage broken agreements well.

 Key learning areas:

  • Prepare to give effective feedback using a simple 5 step feedback model
  • Learn to be direct  – hard on the issues, soft on the people
  • Use informal feedback to reinforce learning and behavioral change
  • Learn to create effective agreements by clarifying outcomes, identifying procedures, roles, and stakeholders, set milestones and establish communication systems
  • Learn to manage and renegotiate broken agreements


Anyone who routinely must give corrective feedback

Selected Clients