Resolve Your Conflicts

Conflict Resolution Training - Resolve Your Conflicts!

What does it take to resolve conflict well?

This fast-paced, highly interactive conflict resolution training session will help you improve your conflict resolution and communication skills allowing you to enhance relationships and achieve more meaningful resolutions. Using Accordence's Focus 123 Tool, participants learn the 3 fundamental conflict paradigms. You will learn the value of each and partake in skill building exercises designed specifically around these paradigms.

Participants will learn to:

  • Uncover other parties' needs and concerns
  • Identify your own conflict resolution styles as well as others
  • Remove personalization from conflict
  • Manage working relationships both outside and inside your organization for success
  • Increase self-awareness on how you approach conflict
  • Advocate your own needs in any situation
  • Support the other person in the conflict
  • Use objectivity as an observer to create fair solutions
  • Craft strategies to deal with others' different resolution styles
  • Develop the communication skills needed to manage conflict situations
  • Deal with emotions effectively as they arise
  • Create consensus in spite of conflicting views
  • Strengthen relationships so parties can work more effectively and efficiently in the future

Contact us for a complete description and to learn more about how the conflict resolution training program can help you resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships at your organization.

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