Successful Conversations


Successful Conversations, from Accordence, reveals what it takes to approach difficult topics and behaviors and prepare for and conduct conversations for the best outcomes. Rooted in emotional intelligence, the workshop helps people at all levels and from all areas of your organization build the communication skills needed to demonstrate trust, enhance relationships and achieve meaningful resolutions. The program fosters awareness that communicating well in tense conversations is joint problem-solving that requires understanding your own and the other party’s thoughts, emotions, identities, and drives, and applying appropriate tools and skills for effective dialogue. After this session, participants are better able to:

  • Get to the heart of what matters efficiently despite differing styles or viewpoints
  • Manage high-stress situations to resolve concerns skillfully
  • Perform productively and with positive morale
  • Strengthen working relationships and your ability to influence, both outside and inside your organization.


Successful Conversations is a fast-paced, interactive workshop that blends skill-building practice and application with self and group reflection. To hold successful conversations and deal with and resolve differences more effectively and efficiently, participants build their awareness of, and skill with:

  • what makes conversations hard
  • what triggers us and how we can diffuse escalating emotions
  • what a successful conversation looks, sounds, and feels like,
  • when to advocate versus when to inquire,
  • what roles and process are essential for successful conversations, and
  • how to prepare for potentially tense conversations.

We help build awareness of how each person may approach conversations and share effective conversation tools, practicing them on typical scenarios, and sharing their experiences, fostering teamwork and understanding of how the new principles and tools can be applied in their day-to-day work. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants are able to readily apply their new skills the next day back on the job.


Successful Conversations is a two-day program with a customized focus on practice and application to resolve relevant issues at the organization. Case scenarios and discussions are tailored to your organization’s specific challenges. A representative cross-section of participants is interviewed prior to the workshop to surface key issues and ensure that scenarios accurately replicate the dynamics of current workplace situations.

Employees at all levels and from all areas of the organization.

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