Accordence has certified facilitators and consultants located throughout the world who provide training and consulting in a variety of language skills and cultural knowledge. Languages Accordence consultants work in include English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese. Accordence programs and consulting initiatives are led by our own consultants as well as channel partners. The esteemed Roger Fisher, best-selling author and founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project at Harvard Law School, served as a Senior Advisor to Accordence.

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Founder, Senior Advisor
Grande Lum

Managing Director
Heather Meeker Green


Maria Choi
Steve Chriest

Tim Dayonot

Susan Donovan

Dan Ellis
Harsha Fernando
Mark Hilton
Denise LaStoria
George Law
Carole Kammen


Jasper Kim
Jeremy Lack
Huub Liefhebber
Jessica Notini
Scott Roberts
Manon Schonewille
Mercedes Terrazon
Anthony Wanis-St. John
Susan Woods

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