Why Accordence?

For close to two decades, organizational leaders and managers have chosen Accordence's training programs and consulting services to elevate the key competencies of their professional teams. Accordence helps you (re) learn the fundamentals of communication and collaboration to improve every interaction, more effectively negotiate and achieve mutually beneficial relationships and agreements. All doing so while practicing what we preach. Our philosophy is simple: provide world-class services that help our clients to succeed.

Our programs are:

  • Research-based, drawing on a multitude of learning, business, and academic experts
  • Results-focused and proven in the field
  • Dynamically delivered by experienced, practitioner consultants and content experts
  • Collaborative and experiential, drawing on the best of adult learning principles
  • A blend of technology and interpersonal formats for ease of access and successful outcomes
  • Driven by memorable frameworks for immediate implementation

Selected Clients