ICON® Negotiation Approach E-Module

Accordence® utilizes e-learning technology to master key negotiation fundamentals

A New ICON for Negotiation
Based on The Negotiation Fieldbook by Grande Lum, The ICON Negotiation Approach E-Module identifies a simple, memorable and effective negotiation framework, which focuses on four essential components – Interests, Criteria, Options, and No-Agreement Alternatives (ICON).

Program Description
The ICON Negotiation Approach E-Module is a 90-minute self-paced, self-directed online course. Participants are introduced to the basic ICON negotiation framework developed by Accordence. From this foundation of newly learned knowledge and attitudes, individuals will be equipped with the tools necessary to prepare, conduct and review negotiations.

Program Format
Our interactive design employs a problem-based learning approach. Learners select their own paths and determine their specific needs for acquiring and applying course content. The e-module is divided into three parts:

1. Collaborative Negotiation
2. The ICON Value Diamond
3. Conducting the Negotiation

Each section includes a scenario challenge in which learners apply content presented in the course. We have incorporated additional resources such as video case studies, “From The Author,” where negotiation expert Grande Lum answers challenging questions, Quick Checks, short quizzes to reinforce learning, and other supplemental information. Help buttons reveal pop-up windows that provide information on how to navigate through the course, and a Glossary provides definitions for key words, which are hyperlinked throughout the E-module.

Program Value
The E-Module uses proven tools and strategies for developing the kind of collaborative negotiations that deliver the most long-term value. The concepts and skills developed during this E-module facilitate participants' ability to:

1. Develop a negotiation mindset that creates positive outcomes for all parties
2. Understand negotiation as joint problem-solving that requires understanding other parties' needs and concerns
3. Generate more innovative, effective solutions

Program Audience
The ICON Negotiation Approach E-Module creates a new awareness and understanding of a more effective and collaborative way to negotiate. While negotiation strategies can be employed in many aspects of life, for most people introduced to Accordence, your primary purpose is to enhance your communication skills and apply the ICON negotiation approach at work as a means of achieving outstanding results and relationships.

For many individuals and companies, the E-Module and its associated tools create a solid foundation on which to build additional communication skills. Our instructor-led, on-site negotiation training solutions focus on specific applications with appropriate amounts of customized content incorporating client specific examples. 

The Just Negotiate® Two-Day Training Curriculum is now available via virtual classroom. Please review a description of our virtual format to gauge the benefits to your organization.

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