Just Negotiate

Just Negotiate® Training

Improve your negotiation skills and ability to achieve successful agreements.

Just Negotiate training fosters awareness of negotiation as joint problem solving that requires an understanding of other parties' needs and concerns. Our e-module, the ICON Approach E-module, provides a foundational understanding of the key concepts as pre-work. During this negotiation training workshop, you will learn the ICON Negotiation Framework which aids in preparing, conducting and reviewing negotiations. You will integrate this framework into a simple, powerful 4D Negotiation Strategy for understanding and planning different phases of a negotiation, test your assumptions and personal negotiating style, and experiment with alternative possibilities.

Participants will learn to:

  • Generate innovative solutions to satisfy both parties' needs
  • Apply analytical and preparation tools to specific work challenges during the negotiation training session itself
  • Act as advisors to colleagues in the workshop
  • Develop uses for the new principles and tools back on the job
  • Examine how to manage working relationships both outside and inside your organization for negotiation success

This 1- or 2-day negotiation training seminar is ideal for executives, managers, engineers, lawyers, accountants, alliance managers, scientists, and project managers. Just Negotiate training is a fast-paced, highly interactive session delivered in a face-to-face or virtual format. We work with any group that needs to add value through effective negotiation in long-term relationships with clients, partners, and teams.

We can customize the content of Just Negotiate with negotiation cases that meet challenges to address your specific needs and desires. A detailed outline of Just Negotiate training workshop is available upon request.

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