Negotiation Coaching

To reinforce the use of the Accordence negotiation framework and tools, we have two tracks for negotiation coaching: individual negotiation coaching and negotiation coaching skills for leaders at a Negotiation Coaching Clinic.

As an individual, we can support you by providing coaching and feedback in one-on-one sessions on your own negotiation preparation, strategies and skill execution. These can be held by phone, virtually, or in-person and can range in length from one to two hours. They might be several sessions over a few months or a single session to review and build a specific strategy.

Managers, supervisors and leaders of past participants of our programs can attend a Negotiation Coaching Clinic to learn how to reinforce the negotiation best practices with their direct reports in the most effective manner. During the session, the Accordence consultant will work closely with the leaders to prepare strategies for how to support their direct report’s upcoming negotiation. Participants will receive input and feedback on how to facilitate their employee’s successful preparation and execution for their next negotiation. A Negotiation Coaching Clinic supports immediate embedding of negotiation best practices in the organization while building confidence, strengthening relationships and inspiring creativity in attendees.

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