Transforming Mindsets


Whether you are in a formal leadership position or fill a key individual contributor role, your development of self-leadership competencies is necessary to contribute to the health and progress of yourself, team(s) and the organization as a whole. Positive working relationships are integral to productivity, engagement, and creativity, therefore it is crucial to gain as much personal insight into your behavior and mindsets, which can limit or expand your relationship potential and have a direct impact on achieving goals and objectives.

In the Transforming Mindsets workshop, you learn and practice tools and frameworks to discover your strengths, shift from reactivity to creativity, adopt fresh perspectives on past situations, manage your energy and emotions, and transform limiting mindsets to produce more positive behaviors. As a result, you are a more confident and competent communicator, whose focus and trustworthiness is highly valued. 

Through an experiential learning process, as a participant you learn to:

  • identify limiting behaviors and the underlying needs that drive them
  • transform responses to triggers and focus on optimal outcomes
  • respond to and decrease fear and stress
  • take on different points of view to obtain better outcomes
  • foster more creative thinking by practicing mindfulness regularly
  • develop and implement a relationship map that focuses on opportunity 


Pioneering research in neuroscience combined with the measurable results from visionary corporate executives are demonstrating quantifiable value and positive change that flourishes when individuals, teams, and entire companies perform optimally as a result of enhancing key competencies – personal leadership, focus and awareness, trust, inter/intrapersonal versatility and communication effectiveness.

Throughout, at the conclusion of, and with the commitment to sustained learning facilitated by Transforming Mindsets you are better able to:

  • stop reacting and start choosing how to respond
  • improve effectiveness through positive habits and behaviors
  • leverage emotional awareness to lead self, then others
  • approach any situation with best-thinking
  • reduce stress and increase self-confidence
  • create trusted partnerships
  • adapt to change


For all leaders, managers, and individual employees whose self leadership competencies have a direct bearing on individual, team and enterprise achievement as part of collaboration and/or supervision.

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