Tip: Develop Good Options that Bring Value to Both Parties

Good options (solutions) begin with clear interests.

Tip: Separate Your Position from Your Self

Recognize your views are not you to prevent hurt from another’s disagreement.

Tip: See Everyday Conflicts as Cross-Cultural

Before jumping to conclusions about the other person, seek cultural clues in the conflict.

Tip: Ease Into the Tough Topics

No matter how well you ease into a tough topic the person may still react strongly.

Tip: Create Your Individual Success Target

Before any communication with another person can be successful, have a clear picture of what you are striving for.

Tip: Planning Ahead

If you have an opportunity to do so—if you have the luxury of planning ahead—put some thought into where and when to hold your important conversation.

Tip: Do a Walk Through (Prepare)

Before every race, Edwin Moses, perhaps the greatest hurdler ever, would visualize the entire race, the exact number of steps in between each hurdle.

Tip: Get Into Your Communication Zone

In sports, it's called being in the "zone" or the "flow".

Tip: Imagine Being Bored by Conflict

By consciously choosing to lose interest in the conflict, you won't fall into the trap of instant reaction that we all do from time to time.

Tip: Be an Ambassador in Adversarial Situations

It is easy to get stuck in the “us versus them” dynamic.

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