December 17, 2013
Navigating Holiday Tensions - De-Escalate, then Appreciate

How do you handle family tension during the holidays? Draft a "pre-game approach" and draw up your "game day strategy" to stay positive and achieve harmony during the season!

October 24, 2013
6 Surprising Ways to Break Down an Adversarial Wall

In managing conflict, the most effective strategies are often those that knock the other party off balance by being unexpected, contrarian, or counterintuitive. If ordinary, conventional conflict mediation approaches aren’t breaking down the wall between you and an adversary, try these six surprising ways to get their attention and eventual agreement instead.

September 6, 2013
How Do You Plenish?

There are key areas in life where one needs to fill up and I’m bringing the word "plenish" back in the form of a blog to focus on stocking up in the workplace on ideas, knowledge, and support for a more successful experience.

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