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Accordence Perspectives: Expertise, Engagement and Resisting Resistance (Mar 2016)
Accordence Holiday Newsletter 2015

Guest Blog:

The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude 

by Heather Meeker Green (originally published on

We have seen a growing wealth of research on the benefits of acknowledging gratitude and on the mechaniss of how practicing gratitude succeeds in creating positive impact.

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5 Steps to Slow Down Conflicts and Get Off The Escalator

by Heather Meeker Green

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Accordence Holiday Newsletter 2014
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Accordence Perspectives: Interpersonal Savvy & Objectivity (Feb. 2014)
Holiday Issue: December 2013

From Accordence's family to yours, we are grateful for your partnership and collaboration and wish you an abundant and joyful new year!

Inside this Issue:

  • Navigating Holiday Tensions - De-Escalate, then Appreciate
  • Resolve to Evolve, Skill-Wise That Is!
September 10, 2013
Fall 2013



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