Accordence Celebration: Retrospective and Future Focus (Feb 2015)

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Celebrating The Successes and Failures at Key Milestones

by Heather Meeker Green

Accordence has just passed its 10th anniversary in business. We have much to celebrate and will do so in a variety of ways throughout 2015. While we look back at all of the growth and results we have created in a decade, we also want to consider what didn’t go well that motivated us and continues to push us to greater heights. By focusing on success only at all costs, we might set ourselves up for greater failure by reducing our tolerance for taking risks, find lessons, grow and innovate.

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Negotiation Skills Have Broad Applications

by Rachel DiGiammarino

In Accordence’s work training thousands of individuals over the past ten years, we recognize that the strength and productivity of a team is buoyed by employees who have a keen understanding and deployment of negotiation strategies.

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Serving Client Needs By Addressing Business Pain Points

Accordence has served clients in many industries regarding challenging business issues over its first decade that are still relevant today.

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