Accordence Perspectives: Expertise, Engagement and Resisting Resistance (Mar 2016)

Press Release

Accordence Brings New Expertise with Grande Lum's Return from Department of Justice CRS

Department of Justice Community Relations Service Director Returns to Training Company

Accordence Brings New Expertise; Grande Lum to Share Lessons Learned at International Conference


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Opportunity for Learning Leaders: Enhance Collaboration for Employee Engagement

By Heather Meeker Green


Message from our Managing Director

Heather Meeker Green

I am excited to announce that Grande Lum is returning to Accordence with expanded expertise in conflict resolution, mediation, and keynote speaking and will support Accordence's mission and vision in the role of Senior Advisor.

And as spring is springing and renewal is in the air, I offer some perspectives on resisting resistance and encouraging employee engagement. Enjoy!

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