Accordence Perspectives: Interpersonal Savvy & Objectivity (Feb. 2014)

The Dying Art of Interpersonal Savvy

by Heather Meeker Green

Increased social media, texting and general screen time are the realities of how technology gives us the 'easy out' when it comes to engaging with people. While technology certainly has its upsides, in the long run when impersonalization in the name of efficiency in the workplace becomes the norm and is hard-wired into our brain, we lose practice of (and confidence in) our crucial interpersonal skills - talking, listening, understanding, empathizing, and positive non-verbal face-to-face cues like making eye contact.

No Dog in the Hunt: The Benefits of Objectivity

by Heather Meeker Green

With Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII, I had the experience of watching a game that I enjoy but without the emotional attachment to an outcome. My favorite team was not playing so I didn't feel the stress and pressure, the internal emotional pull, for a particular team to win. I cheered when a good play happened and listened when a questionable call was reviewed, calmly considering my own opinion of which way it should have gone. I could sit in the place of objectivity and not be swept by strong emotions in either direction. What a concept!

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