Serving Client Needs By Addressing Business Pain Points

Accordence has served clients in many industries regarding challenging business issues over its first decade that are still relevant today.

2014 Learning Impact

Having trained close to 1,000 individuals in 2014 in a range of negotiation, communication and personal effectiveness skills, Accordence is proud to vand their leadership teams to address the strategic initiatives that promote alignment between performance objectives and individual and team competencies. The impact starts in the classroom and extends well beyond when participants reflect, practice, self-assess, apply, receive feedback and perpetuate a continuous cycle of improvement while serving as a positive example for others.

Client Stories

As a global consulting and training firm specializing in negotiation and conflict resolution, Accordence® has partnered with many Fortune 500 companies to develop new approaches for their teams that focus on both substance and relationship value. These case studies represent common negotiation challenges our clients have faced and the unique results they achieved, including becoming effective negotiators, by working with the most engaging and dedicated professionals at Accordence.

How "Sticky" Is Negotiation Training?

As one part of our overall service offerings, in the last 2 years, Accordence has conducted large-scale negotiation training initiatives at 3 different companies that involved close to 1,000 participants in sales-oriented roles.  

In an effort to gauge the “stickiness” of new behaviors as well as more tangible results, surveys were administered, typically in the 3-to-6-month range after training, to which approximately 60% of participants responded. 


In partnership with Miller Heiman, Accordence conducted a survey entitled Negotiate Now: A Strategic Perspective on the Role Negotiations Play in Achieving Sales Excellence and asked over 600 sales people to explore how negotiations differentiate success. The conclusion from analyzing the survey responses was that negotiation can be a competitive advantage if you don’t discount or discount less, if your difficult negotiations create better outcomes, and if negotiation helps you beat the competition.

Selected Clients