2014 Learning Impact

Having trained close to 1,000 individuals in 2014 in a range of negotiation, communication and personal effectiveness skills, Accordence is proud to partner with companies and their leadership teams to address the strategic initiatives that promote alignment between performance objectives and individual and team competencies. The impact starts in the classroom and extends well beyond when participants reflect, practice, self-assess, apply, receive feedback and perpetuate a continuous cycle of improvement while serving as a positive example for others.

We know there are dramatic differences between industries and companies that are impacted by market demands, regulatory bodies, technology, competition, geography, economics, politics, and more. Our partnerships with clients create a collaboration of subject matter experts to address the intersection of industry and role-specific challenges with the interpersonal dynamics of business relationships and negotiated agreements. 

Here's a very representative sampling of what our program participants have experienced this year:

"This is one of the top 2 training courses I've done in my 9 years at the company. It [negotiation] is directly applicable to my job and I've now got the tools to make this development area a future strength." - Regulatory Affairs Personnel, Biotechnology Industry

"As a Procurement professional, my position regularly involves negotiation so I have had other training as well. The ICON method really simplified all the different aspects that go into ensuring both parties walk away feeling like they got a fair size piece of the pie." - Procurement, Insurance Industry

"It described the important parts of the negotiation process and showed the importance of planning and preparation." - Finance Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

"Great framework for negotiation. Focuses on the important human aspects of the negotiation which are critical for success." - Land Management, Construction Industry

"My team and I have benefitted from improved listening & questioning skills. We are all utilizing agendas as well as brainstorming as a group regularly." - Sales, Medical Device Manufacturing Industry


Selected Clients