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Negotiation Best Practices
Audio Presentation


The Negotiation Best Practices audio presentation, from Accordence, is a 60-minute presentation by Senior Consultant Scott Roberts that is intended to reinforce Accordence’s key negotiation tools and concepts. The presentation brings to life stories, examples, and practical advice on being in the right mindset for negotiating, how to prepare using key frameworks such as the ICON® Approach and 4D Strategy, and effective ways to conduct negotiations.

The short chapters included in this presentation are:

· Introduction
· Negotiations
· Bring the Value
· Solve the Problem
· The Right Attitude
· Interested Parties
· Types of Buyers
· ICON Approach
· Interests
· Options
· Criteria
· No-Agreement Alternatives
· Thinking Approach
· Strategies
· Introduction to the 4Ds
· Design
· Dig and Develop
· Decide
· Optimization
· Barriers

Listeners will walk away with a richer understanding of how to use the tools in a variety of contexts and will be able to apply the frameworks they have learned in their own situations.

The Negotiation Best Practices audio presentation is available for purchase as a download. To purchase the Negotiation Best Practices Audio Presentation, please contact us.


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