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Building Trust with your Customers Webinar

Would you benefit from a strategic approach to your customer interactions that builds trust?

Do your sales teams create value in negotiations with clients before coming to agreement?

Would you like to get beyond vendor status to trusted business partner?

Join us for a one hour webinar, sponsored by Accordence, a world leader in helping companies build trust with their customers through the ICON® Approach. You will learn tools that take interactions from a selling approach to a problem-solving approach and help your sales team and customer service representatives demonstrate the value your company brings to the relationship.

Rick Gibney, a Senior Consultant at Accordence, will share over 20 years of his sales and strategic consulting experience in this engaging session.

Influencing Without Authority Webinar

You have all of the responsibility but none of the authority!

How often have you thought this when you need to influence someone that you don’t manage nor have authority over. Yet they are a key resource for you to complete that project, make that sale, finalize that agreement or get that promotion.

How do you help them help you achieve your goal?

How do you influence without feeling like you are coercing?

What can you do to improve the outcomes of that conversation?

The Center for Creative Leadership research finds that about 75% of careers are derailed because of our inability to handle interpersonal problems, elicit trust or manage conflict. Building your influencing skills is clearly important whether at work or in your personal life.

Join us for a one hour webinar, sponsored by Accordence, a world leader in enhancing persuasion and influence skills at all levels of the organization. You will learn tools that help them say “yes” even when they want to say “no” and that assist you in developing the best solution to achieving everyone’s outcomes.

Scott Roberts, a Senior Consultant at Accordence, will share some of these tools and methods in this stimulating session. Scott has over 20 years of experience in this area as a sales executive, lawyer, company President and consultant.

Resolve Conflicts Successfully Webinar

How different are workplace tensions from international conflicts?

Join us to see how the tools that are used in global situations can be applied to tensions you find in your organization.

We will answer these and other questions:

How did I get to this point of conflict in the first place?

When I am in conflict, what is the best way to approach the other party?

And most importantly, how can I overcome conflict and come to agreement?

Join us for tools and best practices on how to change a tense situation into a collaborative one at a one hour webinar.

Anthony Wanis-St. John, a Senior Consultant at Accordence, will share over 20 years of his consulting and training experience in conflict resolution, sharing stories from his experiences around the world helping people in some of the most-conflict-ridden areas overcome the tensions and come to agreement successfully.

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