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Negotiate successfully to achieve mutually beneficial agreements and strengthened relationships.



Communicate effectively in every interaction within your organization and externally with others for optimal outcomes.


Personal Effectiveness

Improve personal effectiveness to develop leadership and accountability and create a more aligned, engaged, and productive organization.


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Would You Like To Attend Just NegotiateTM Even If Your Company Isn't Offering A Class Internally

We hope you'll consider joining Accordence and its partner Advantage Performance Group in Tempe, AZ on Dec. 5th for a rarely offered, open to the public session of Just NegotiateTM.

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Blog: Creating A Compassion Contagion

It’s that time of year when common colds and the flu virus begin to spread. Every fall/winter there’s a major worry about catching something that knocks you out for days or weeks. What if, instead, we focused on a different kind of contagion; one that we actually hoped would spread?

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Accordence® has partnered with many Fortune 500 companies to develop new approaches for their teams that focus on both substance and relationship value.

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