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Negotiate successfully to achieve mutually beneficial agreements and strengthened relationships.



Communicate effectively in every interaction within your organization and externally with others for optimal outcomes.


Personal Effectiveness

Improve personal effectiveness to develop leadership and accountability and create a more aligned, engaged, and productive organization.


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Stay on Track with Your Employee Development Using Accordence's Virtual and Digital Resources

As companies adapt to these changing times with the advent of the pandemic, they can continue to help employees improve every interaction by partnering with Accordence, whose library of content is available via virtual instructor-led programming. Additionally, we offer a self-paced e-learning suite for negotiation.

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Blog: 5 Steps to Slow Down Conflicts and Get Off the Escalator

Have you ever found yourself incredulous at how quickly your conversation with someone has deteriorated and the tension is mounting, your and their emotions are flying and you are flummoxed as to how you got there?

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Accordence® has partnered with many Fortune 500 companies to develop new approaches for their teams that focus on both substance and relationship value.

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