Accordence is a global training company that partners with our clients to help employees at all levels develop the competencies and mindset to develop individually, contribute to team objectives, and produce results for their company.

In three complementary areas – negotiation, communication, and personal effectiveness - we teach the skills and frameworks necessary to strategically negotiate, persuade, resolve conflict, have successful conversations, give effective feedback and demonstrate personal leadership and engagement on the job. The core methodology of each of our programs is built on the same principles of trust and value in communication and relationships, and this foundation demonstrates the value and relevance of these programs across the enterprise.

With today’s workforce facing greater complexity and constant change in virtually all industries, addressing the skill gaps and preparing leaders is our focus. Ultimately we strive to facilitate our clients’ visions of greater alignment and capacity by supporting training, coaching and impact analysis.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions to help us serve you better.

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